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A brief history of W. H. Perron & Co. Ltd

1928-1954 W.H. Perron is founded in 1928 by Mr. Wilfrid-Henri Perron.

The first W.H. Perron & Co Ltd store was located at 935, Saint-Laurent Boulevard, downtown Montreal and specialized in selling seeds and garden accessories for professional and amateur gardeners.


1930 Marks the launch of the first bilingual mail-order catalog. Some 100,000 copies were published; primarily sent in Québec but also in Ontario, New Brunswick and certain American states.


Around 1936, a four-floor warehouse is built adjoining the store so that they will occupy the entire space from Saint-Laurent to Saint-Dominique streets.

1954-1959 The ever-expanding business compels Mr. Perron to move his business to Laval at 515, Curé-Labelle Boulevard. As soon as 1959, acquisition of land in Boisbriand allows for production of plant products and to elaborate various trials.


1969 Wilfrid-Henri Perron retires and has his son Henri Perron, agronomist, take over the business. The company continues to steadily grow.

1987-1989 A group of employees and external managers acquire the founding family owned shares. The goal is to modernize for a rapid business development. In 1989, acquisition of Semences Laval Inc. and integration of the activities.

1990-1993 In 1990, move to 2914, Curé-Labelle Boulevard in Laval, in state-of-the-art facilities for seed business requirements. The purchase of Dominion Seed House Inc., in 1992 marks the beginning of a geographic expansion outside Québec. A bit later we proceed with the sale of the garden centres and the W.H. Perron trademark to White Rose Crafts and Nursery Sales Ltd, an Ontario-based company found on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

1994-2013 In 1994, the seed division takes on the name of NORSECO made from the abbreviations of North Seed Company. The postal services division of Norseco takes the name of HortiClub for the French clientele and Dominion Seed House remains for the English clientele.

In 2013, we reinstate the W.H. Perron trademark for the French sector clientele of the postal division completely replacing the HortiClub trademark. We also proceed to update the internet sites of W.H. Perron, Dominion Seed House and Norseco, for a more user-friendly environment.

2015-2016 marks an important year of transition for Norseco with new business partners and personnel revamping with a young and dynamic team. In 2016, the postal sector proceeds with the merger of Dominion Seed House and W.H. Perron which becomes the only trademark serving our clientele across Canada. W.H. Perron is on Facebook.

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