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Cultivate your lettuce in containers or window box

Lettuce grows very quickly, which allows to harvest often during the season. Generally sown in Spring but, beware, it fears frost. Wait for the best time to sow your lettuces. Germination will be faster and more uniform if temperatures are between 10- 15 º C.


A large but shallow container, maximum 15 cm depth of soil is enough.

A rich and well drained soil. Adding rotted manure, compost or a high content nitrogen fertilizer can be very beneficial. Commercial potting soil containing clay can also be used.

Leave 10 to 25 cm distance between each plant.


The plants need to be under full sun and in a constantly humid soil. Add straw at the surface of the container to help maintain humidity. Water preferably early in the morning or during the evening. Watering frequently will prevent a bitter taste in the lettuce.


Mini romaine, Butterhead and Crisphead types should be harvested once they are firm. Harvest early in the morning.

For leaf lettuce and oak leaf, cut young leaves at the base of the plant, as per your needs. Do not remove the heart of the lettuce, it will allow the plant to grow more leaves for a few more weeks.

For the Mesclun type, they will take about 30 days to maturity and can be cut at least 3 times.

Recommended Varieties


Pomegranate Crunch Red : a mini romaine lettuce of a bright poppy red color. It reaches about 15 cm in height, but its compact and dense head will surprise you by the high yield of leaves. The taste is slightly sweet and the texture smooth and crisp. Maturity 55 days.

Xalbadora Green : a mini romaine with leaves in abundance. Will adapt well and is tolerant to tip burn.

Maturity 55 days.


Buttercrunch : a popular variety. Crunchy, tasty leaves. Torelares heat. Slow to bolt. A heavy medium-size head.

Maturity 55 days.

Edox Red : an attractive green and red lettuce. A subtle flavour with its delicate leaves make a lovely duo in any presentation. An easy-to-grow lettuce all season long.

Maturity 55 days.

Rhapsody Green : an early lettuce with dark green, glossy, mouth-watering leaves. This fresh and tasty variety is tolerant to tip burn. A perfect choice.

Maturity 55 days.


PYB 7101: a large size Iceberg type lettuce, crisp and delicious. An immediate popular choice because of its good tolerance to heat and diseases. Guaranteed quality.

Maturity 90 days.

Leaf Lettuce

Bergam's Green: large size leaf lettuce that is just a bit later than other varieties. Slow to bolt and tolerance to tip burn, it will soon become your best variety.

Maturity 58 days.

Eazyleaf Ezrilla Green : this delicious fast growing lettuce is part of the Eazyleaf family, for a one-cut harvesting. Long and narrow leaf margin with a nicely frilled, medium-green base.

Maturity 55 days.

Grand Rapids Green : well-known for its gustatory qualities. A medium green foliage, very curly, tender and crisp. A vigorous plant, with good tolerance to diseases.

Maturity 55 days.

New Red Fire : a feast for the eyes as well as for the palate. The most rubies-red loose-leaf variety in our selection. New Red Fire produces a beautiful loose-leaf head, crisp and sweet, with proven bolt resistance. This lettuce can be grown in both cold and warm weather conditions without becoming bitter.

Maturity 55 days.


Eazyleaf Cantarix (Oak) Red : mini dark red oak leaf lettuce that comes from the famous Eazylef series. With only one sharp cut, you get a multitude of small leaves, all of the same size. Cantarix has a crisp texture and a delicious sweet taste.

Maturity 55 days.

Panisse green : nice large lime green oak leaf lettuce with excellent flavor and good disease tolerance.

Maturity: baby-25 days; full-41 days.


Mesclun mix : a selection of the favourite leaf lettuce varieties of different maturities, colors and shapes. Harvest the leaves when young. Maturity 28 days.

SimplySalad Collections are varieties of different selected seeds enclosed in a unique coating that will produce a well balanced bouquet of various types of lettuces. Usually takes about 30 days to maturity and can be cut up to 3 times.

SimplySalad Alfresco : a mix of arugula, chicory and radicchio, a nice Mediterranean taste.

SimplySalad City Garden : our traditional blend of mild lettuces.

SimplySalad Wonder Wok : a new mix of mesclun composed of Asian greens such as mustards, kale and bok choy.

Pests and diseases: mildew, botrytis, yard slugs and aphids

Yard slugs : spread coffee ground, sand, ashes and mashed eggshells.

Aphids: transplant some marigold, mint, thyme, nasturtium, nettle.

It is normal to fin the foliage softened and laid down, it will pick-up in 1 or 2 days. Water immediately and place well the roots in the ground.

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