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Essential Crop Protections

Ground frost, crop pests, nematodes, infective agents (mushrooms, bacteria, virus), weeds, etc. can endanger your vegetable and fruit production. These threats require a good crop protection to ensure a good quality and abundant harvest. To conquer such enemies, we suggest different types of protectors.

Nowadays, gardeners have many solutions to protect their crop while limiting, even eliminating, the use of synthetic pesticides.

Cold and Ground Frost Protection

Large polythene tunnel

This polythene tunnel provides robust protection against bad weather and pests for your winter and early spring crops. You can use this tunnel as a mini-greenhouse to accustom your interior sowing.

Length 3 m (10') Width 60 cm (2') Height 45 cm (1.5') 07-1026-010

Tomato Protection

The secret lies in the water contained in the plastic tubes, almost 12 litres, that retains heat, activates growth and isolate young plants from spring frosts. Protection is guaranteed up to -12 °C. "Kozy-Coats" can be installed before planting to pre-heat the soil. Made of a resistant and reusable plastic. WHY IS IT RED? University studies made in the United States showed that the color red contributes to produce larger and earlier fruits. Beware of less expensive imitations, they can be less reliable.

Inside dimensions: 45 cm (18‘’) in height and 25 cm (12‘’) in diameter once filled with water.

13-9023-030 3/pkg

13-9023-100 10/pkg

Protectors against Small Pests, Wind, Birds and Insects

Large Micro Net Tunnel

This tunnel offers an efficient protection against small pests, bad weather and creates an ideal microclimate for your vegetables.

Length 3 m (10’) Width 60 cm (2’) Height 45 cm (1.5’)


Felt Fabric Tunnel

Smaller in size than the micro net tunnel, this protector is made out of felt and offers the same protection as the large tunnel.

Length 3 m (10’) Width 45 cm (1.5') Height 30 cm (1')


Micromesh for Small Pests and a Wind Barrier

This pest barrier is ideal to protect any plant from pesky pets, harsh winds and low-flying insects. The sun can shine on your crop, and you can still water and tend to it. Includes 2 lengths of 300 cm (118’’) x 70 cm (27.5’) and bamboo sticks.

Width 100 cm (39’’) Height 70 cm (27.5’’).


Plant Protection Fabric

This recyclable and UV treated plant blanket is a ‘’must’’ in all gardens. Protecting plants against early spring and late fall frost, cold and freezing temperatures, it will also prevent insect damages. Easy to install, it provides 6 to 8 oC of frost protection.

Length 3,7 m (12') Width 3 m (10')

Tip: To protect your container-grown crops, simply cut the fabric at the length you need.



Loosely place sheet on the area you want to protect . To avoid having it been blown away, secure the sides with pickets, bricks or rocks. The sheet is so light that it will lift up with the plant’s growth. When the plants grow, the insect will quickly find its prey by the odour and will set itself on the blanket ready to feast, but it will not be able to penetrate the barrier and will finally go away.

It can be used against birds that love fruits such as cherries. Simply make a tent over your tree. It is important to attach the base of the blanket to the tree-trunk ... birds are clever.

Protector against weed growth

Biodegradable Fabric

This environmentally safe weed barrier is designed to stop unwanted weed growth in vegetable gardens and flower beds. The fabric will allow for air, water and nutrients to reach the roots of the plants. It will deteriorate by the action of micro-organisms presence in your garden.

Another advantage is that this barrier will keep the soil warm, which is ideal for tropical-type vegetable such as tomatoes, sweet and hot peppers and eggplants.


Note: no weed barrier product is totally effective against quack grass, bindweed, or other plants propagated by rhizomes; we therefore recommend to remove the maximum possible weeds before installation.

Length 15.2 m (50') Width 0,91 m (3')

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